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Setting Goals

I am here to inspire you to create achievable, measurable goals that are focused on what you truly desire. Let’s shift your mindset from moving away from what you don’t want to moving towards what you do want. Together, we can make it happen!

Authentic Communication

As a seasoned public speaker and performer, I bring a personalized touch to my coaching, leveraging my training with Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Dale Carnegie, the Sandler Sales Presidential Club, Landmark, and other programs, along with years of active Toastmasters experience. This approach ensures that I understand your unique communication needs and helps you communicate powerfully and authentically, making sure your audience clearly understands your message in the way that you intend it, whether you’re making a formal presentation or telling a funny story. I also specialize in coaching clients on interpersonal communication, such as how to communicate effectively and maintain healthy boundaries with others.

Stress Management

Guiding you through stress management is a vital part of my coaching process. While stress management may not be my primary area of expertise, it is an essential element of your journey. I share stress reduction techniques that I have found to be effective, such as meditation, deep breathing, exercises, and expectation management, to provide you with a comprehensive stress-management ‘toolbox ‘. Another key strategy to reduce stress is by establishing healthy boundaries with others, ensuring your priorities are not compromised. Rest assured, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Your Career As an Artist

I am privileged to have the opportunity to work closely with talented artists, helping them unlock their full creative potential and achieve greater levels of innovation. Watching artists create their art and being able to share it with others brings me immense joy and satisfaction. My unwavering commitment is to ensure that artists, performers, and creative professionals of all kinds receive fair compensation for their invaluable services and that their artistic careers are sustainable. entertainment get compensated fairly for the services and creativity they provide and be able to make their art a sustainable career.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a fantastic tool that can help individuals discover their path towards their desired future. It’s all about setting and achieving goals in different areas of life, such as business, health and well-being, career, relationships, and work-life balance. Whether you want to experience more joy or achieve a specific goal like a career change, life coaching is rooted in the belief that everyone has the power to achieve their dreams by identifying and utilizing their strengths and resources.  

Life coaching sessions are designed to be flexible and tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Typically, these are one-on-one sessions between you and your life coach, lasting 45–60 minutes each. The most popular schedule is once every other week and can be adjusted depending on what works best for you. Before starting the coaching engagement, you and your coach will agree on the schedule.  They can usually accommodate changes if necessary.

In some cases, there may be ‘homework’ between sessions—specific actions you commit to doing to move towards your goals.  

If you’re initially unsure about your goals, that’s perfectly okay. Life coaches are skilled in using insightful questioning and active listening to help their clients clarify their goals. They guide you to identify the goals you want to achieve, understand your current circumstances, explore all available options, and decide on your actions within a specific time frame. This process of goal clarification is a crucial aspect of life coaching.  

Even if you are still trying to figure out what you want from life, or you only know what you don’t want, life coaching can still help. A skilled coach can help you consider all areas of your life and narrow down what you want to focus on and what might be holding you back from achieving it. And it doesn’t stop there—coaches also help clients recognize their strengths and how they can use them to reach their goals. Gaining a better understanding of their strengths and values helps clients set positive goals that focus on what they want to achieve instead of what they want to avoid. Life coaching provides clients with the tools, techniques, and strategies they can use to create lasting change and ongoing success. Commitment, accountability, and follow-through are some of the most valuable components of the life-coaching process. They are key reasons why most people can make more and faster progress working with a life coach than they can do on their own.  

Confidentiality is a fundamental principle of life coaching. Any information you share with your life coach during these sessions is always confidential. It’s important to understand that life coaching is distinct from therapy, counseling, mentoring, or consulting, although there may be some similarities. A life coach’s role is to guide and support you, and they may suggest or refer you to other services if they believe they would benefit you.

Who Can Benefit from Working with a Life Coach?

Life coaching offers a unique approach to personal and professional development. Whether you’re navigating a significant life change or seeking to build a happier, more meaningful life, a trained life coach can help. They assist you in identifying your goals, discovering your strengths, and developing strategies for success. This personalized guidance, coupled with the coach’s support and accountability, sets life coaching apart from other methods.

Working with a life coach could be for you if:

  • You’re facing a major transition
  • You’re letting fear hold you back from getting what you want
  • You want to be more decisive;
  • You’re still trying to figure things out in life or business
  • You’ve tried other methods and still don’t feel entirely authentic

Life coaching is a transformative journey that can help you shed limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and discover your true strengths. It’s not just about reaching your goals, but about living authentically and in alignment with your values. This journey of self-discovery and authenticity can lead to more meaningful relationships and a life that truly resonates with you.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

If you find yourself feeling uncertain or stuck in any area of your life, whether it’s your personal or professional life, coaching could be the solution you need. With a coach, you’ll be able to identify your goals, create an action plan, and receive support and accountability throughout the process. Coaching can also help you stay motivated, even during tough times. Ultimately, the decision to pursue coaching is a personal one and depends on your unique needs and circumstances.

1. I use motivational interviewing techniques.

One technique I use is motivational interviewing, in which I ask open-ended questions intended to help elicit your own reasons for change. Instead of the doctor saying, “You need to lose weight,” I might ask, “How might your life be different if you lost the weight that you’ve been trying to lose?” The concept, which has been proven effective in many research studies, is that people who are changing for their own reasons, on their own terms, are far more likely to succeed when compared with someone telling them what to do—which is less motivating and is more likely to instill resistance to change.

2. You get to call the shots!

I don’t tell you what to do. I’m here to help guide you along the way. I am your life coach, so you get to call the shots! And so, you get to decide how you’d like to use your coach. Want help with short-term goals, long-term goals, or a specific area of your life that you want to focus on? You get to choose. Share with me what you want to accomplish, and I’ll help you develop a plan to make it happen.

3. Help with commitment and goals.

I help you stay on track by working with you to create a clear plan with milestones and timelines. Through regular communication, I support, encourage and hold you accountable when resistance causes you to veer off the path.

4. What actually is a belief? And why is it so hard to change?

What actually is a belief? And why is it so hard to change?

5. What does authentic self mean?

The concept is still debated today, but in 2000 two psychologists Michael Kernis and Brian Goldman, developed an Authenticity Inventory that comprises four key factors:

  1. Self-awareness: Knowledge of and trust in one’s own motives, emotions, preferences, and abilities.
  2. Unbiased processing: Clarity in evaluating your strengths and your weaknesses without denial or blame.
  3. Behavior: Acting in ways congruent with your own values and needs, even at the risk of criticism or rejection.
  4. Relational orientation: Close relationships, which inherently require openness and honesty.

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